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Top 8 College Exam Care Packages for Students

It's the time of the year again where every student is studying for exams. With all the stress with school work, care packages are the best thing that a student could with for. Here are the top 10 college exam care packages for students.

Top Exam Care Packages

1. Max Study Snacks Exam Care Package

Great Value with more than lots of items! Includes chips, cookies, crackers, chocolates, candies and more. Provide fuel for those late-night study sessions--send for finals, mid-terms, birthdays, congratulations, or just to say I'm thinking of you.

Max Study Snacks Care Package

2. Healthy Pantry Pack Exam Care Package

With over 30 items, stock up with a box full of true healthy snacks. No high fructose corn syrup. No saturated fats. No enriched white flour. Honest to goodness, great tasting, healthy treats for your favorite student!

Healthy Pantry Pack Exam Care Package

3. Skittles & More Bouquet Exam Care Package

This one is perfect for skittles lover. Send this beautiful and tasty arrangement for the exam season! It also includes different kinds of chocolate bars.

Skittles & More Bouquet Exam Care Package

4. Joy in a Jar Exam Care Package

Cute jar of snacks, designed to bring a smile to the face of someone during exam season. A great way to say "Goodluck!", "You Can Do It!", or even "Thinking of You"!

Joy in a Jar Exam Care Package

5. Vegan Vittles Exam Care Package

Vegan Vittles is full of a great variety of snacking favorites, including certified Vegan products as well as a few 'accidentally' Vegan products. Sweet and salty, candies and chips, and everything in between are included here for your snacking enjoyment!
Vegan Vittles Exam Care Package

6. No Nuts for Me Exam Care Package

Are you allergic to nuts? Get this healthy and nut-free exam care package! Now you can encourage and inspire your nut-allergic student.

No Nuts for Me Exam Care Package

7. Hershey's & More Bouquet Exam Care Package

If the student you are sending it to love chocolates, this will be the perfect bouquet for him or her! Full of chocolate to relief stress. You would need that sugar!

Hershey's & More Bouquet Exam Care Package

8. The Stuff Box Exam Care Package

This is the best overall package with a bit of everything! The exam care package includes chips, chocolates and candies. Sweet and sour flavours. It also includes some pen and pencils in case you are running out.

The Stuff Box  Exam Care Package

Hopefully these options could give you some ideas on exam care packages! Happy studying and goodluck to everyone taking exams!

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