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University Expectation vs Reality

University Expectation vs Reality

Many students coming to university think it would be similar to high school. However the university expectation vs reality is totally different! Here we have come up with 8 expectation vs reality at university!

1. When you walk into a university party and expect

but in reality it's more like this 

2. When you think you can wake up at 8 am just like high school

but realize that was pretty much impossible in university

3. When you think you and your roommate will be best friend forever

but in reality you will realize that relationship you think you have will only last for the first week


4. No homework, lots of freedom, chill everyday with friends

but in reality you will be stuck in the library 24/7 and have no social life

5. Gonna hang out with your high school friends again in college

but in reality you will probably never see them again and find new friends

6. When you think you can stay away from the freshman 15

but realize you eat late night snacks everyday such as pizza and wings

7. I'll start studying early so I don't fall behind on my lectures

but realize you will just nap whenever you have free time

8. Saying to yourself that you will never skip a single class

and then skipped class on the first week

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