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10 Reasons Why Penn State is the Best

Penn State the best

1. Penn State Swags

Penn State fans always got the best swags. This could ranged from t-shirts, hoodies, jackets or simply accessories. During game-day, everyone would be wearing their swags on. If you are coming to Penn State, don't forget to get yours as well! You could get your Penn State University Flags Here!

2. The Football Games

At PSU, football is not just a sport, it's a religion! The stadium seats over 100,000 people. Penn State games or sometimes even better than finals. The atmosphere is completely different compared to other schools (WAYYYY BETTER). The sounds in the stadium sits in your brain even after the game. You will probably lose your voice after the game, because you will be screaming throughout the whole game!

3. The Campus

Penn State is one of the most beautiful campus in the States. Over 7000 acres full of beautiful trees and plants. There are many outdoor seating where you could use to study or simply enjoy the nature and fresh air.


An amazing student-run philanthropy committed to enhancing the lives of children and families impacted by childhood cancer. Our mission is to provide emotional and financial support, spread awareness and ensure funding for critical research

5. Academics

Penn State is one of the top universities with an excellent alumni networks. Penn State bachelor degree graduates are the best trained and educated as well as most able to succeed once hired.

6. Downtown

Downtown State College is another place for entertainment and fun. There are lots of stores, bars and restaurants. During game day, the whole downtown area is usually packed where everyone is getting ready for the big day!

7. School Spirit

The awesome thing about Penn State is that school spirit is not only among the students, but also among their parents, friends and family! Once you step on campus, all you see is blue and white! We are...PENN STATE!

8. Greek Life

Many incoming students have no idea what Greek Life is and don't know what to expect. However, joining Greek Life will probably be the best decision you make, because you will become part of a new family where you can find new friends that care for you and be there when you are in need!

9. Food

Penn State probably has the best Ice Cream among all the universities. Penn State's Berkey Creamery is famous for their wide varieties of ice creams as well as other foods. Downtown also have pretty much any food you can imagine!

10. Opportunities

Penn State has many extracurricular activities with over 1000 student run organizations. If you are looking for a school with internships for any major or studying abroad , Penn State got it all!

We are...Penn State!

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