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8 Reasons Why UC Berkeley is the Best

UC Berkeley is the best

1. The Diversity on Campus

The diversity of our campus is incredible. There are so many different communities represented at Berkeley and ways to connect with people like yourself. That being said, there are also lots of people who are very different than you that you can learn valuable lessons from. - Anonymous Student, Class of 2018

2. The Campus

The feel of the campus is also very refreshing. The campus is very beautiful because it is covered with nature. There are trees all around and a creek running through the middle of campus. The building are also very nice, with a range of old and new shown how the campus has grown over the years. - Anonymous Student, Class of 2018

3. Academic

It is a world class education, constantly ranked in the top universities in the country. The faculty is also one of the best since there are a lot of top researchers and professors that have passion in their field of study - Anonymous Student, Class of 2016

4. Meme and Overheard Facebook Page

If you’re into memes, then look no further. UC Berkeley got the best collegiate meme page on Facebook, and this ranking is 100% uncontested. Sorry, Harvard, Columbia, and UCLA. Our members cannot be stopped. So is our overheard group!

5. Bubble Teas

Average Cal students drink 1 bubble tea per day. That's probably around the same average with coffee that are consumed on campus. While ShareT ea is the closest to campus, Asha Tea House and Purple Kow got some pretty good bubble tea as well.

6. The Buildings

The building are very nice and grand, with a range of old and new shown how the campus has grown over the years. Have you ever seen a museum of zoology and a big skeleton of a T-Rex attached to the ceiling?  Probably not because UC Berkeley is the only school that has it!

 7. Food

UC Berkeley probably got the best food around the campus. The food is very diverse and affordable for college students. It's always good to skip the dining hall and have dinner somewhere else!

8. The Squirrels

UC Berkeley squirrels are a pretty big thing. The are a bunch of cute creatures that you just want to grab and cuddle. They even got their own Berkeley Squirrels Page on Facebook! Now you know how big they are!

Make sure to get your UC Berkeley Flag before school starts! Use "BERKELEY" for free shipping!

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